A Dog’s Vacation

You and your dog are our primary focuses. We understand that it is difficult to leave a pet behind when you take off on a vacation. The guilt sets in particularly hard when you have to leave your pet in a place that does not feel good. When you look into your dog’s eyes and see disappointment, fear and sadness, it is hard to go on and fully enjoy your getaway. The Cottages understands that taking care of your pet means also taking care of you. If you know in your heart that your dog is being loved, cared for and understood by the boarding facility you choose, you will have a better vacation. And your dog will get a vacation all his own!

When I lived in a city and shared my home with one dog, I struggled to leave her. Whenever possible, I would have a caregiver stay in my home to watch her in order to avoid sending her to a kennel. But this meant a lot of extra work on my behalf to prepare the house for a guest, go over all of my dog’s needs and wants with the caregiver and have a virtual stranger staying in my home. In the end, I still had to look at the beautiful, disappointed face on my dog when I left her. Finally I found  a wonderful boarding place for her. They exercised her, cared for her and met her specific elderly lady needs. When I left her there for a second time, I knew the fit was as good for my girl as I thought it was. After checking her in and saying my goodbyes, I turned to walk towards my car. Being the uber attached human as I am, I turned back to look at her. She was trotting off with the caregivers towards the play yard. She did not even look back at me but I knew her expression was content. That vacation was one of the best I have yet to enjoy.

All dogs are different. But, like humans, they all want to be loved and feel safe. When a dog knows that a person is there to love and care for him, he can let go of the fear and begin to enjoy his new environment.  The Cottages promises to love your dog (almost) as much as you do.