Adoption Cottage – Our Non Profit

5% of the yearly profits from The Cottages is donated into our 501(c)3 non-profit, The Adoption Cottage. We are currently in the process of building The Adoption Cottage. We cannot wait to open!

Our Mission: To provide a respite for shelter and private rescue dogs.

The Adoption Cottage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping dogs by providing a temporary home for shelter and rescue dogs.

We will work with existing shelters and rescues to provide respite care for dogs who need a vacation from a shelter environment or for rescue dogs waiting for a foster home.

Conceptualized by the founders of The Cottages, The Adoption Cottage will bring adventure back into the lives of pups who are starting to give up on themselves. Our non-profit takes sheltered, fostered and neglected four legged friends and rehabilitates them with the gift of space, where a dog can truly be a dog. We promise to create a safe place where someone’s next best friend can lose their inhibition, fear of abandonment and reimagine life as fun, happy, and full of wags. In other words, a place for dogs to recharge their love battery so they can one day share it with a worthy human.

Having worked in shelters, we have seen first-hand the response that some dogs have to the inherently busy environment. Dogs can act out by being over excited, shut down, fence fighting etc. Our goal is to provide a place they can come to run out all that extra energy, find reprieve in a quieter environment, and improve their sense of wellbeing. For private rescues, we will provide a soft spot for dogs to land when the rescue wants to pull them from a difficult environment but cannot yet find a foster home.

We are currently in the process of building The Adoption Cottage and cannot wait to open!

Are you able to help with a financial contribution? We would love your support! Please go to or click the button below. Thank you!

You can also purchase Adoption Cottage clothing to help support our mission:

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